Your Body Health and Fitness contributes directly to the quality of life you live.

Everything in this world is energy. Anything you can see can be broken into the finest of energy particles. Our presence is determined by our physical body and when our physical movements are not there,   we are no more present. We tend to believe the world which we can see and listen to. But it’s much beyond that. Our organs can only listen to or see something with a limited wavelength only. For example, we can see a rainbow but we cannot see X-Ray. We understood what X-ray is post-invention of it. There are lots of sounds or lights which our body is not capable of experiencing and hence the world is much beyond what we can see or hear.

Talking about our body, which determines we are present, it’s an instrument to transmit energy and all bodies are made up of the same thing. And what you can do with your body is to maintain it properly. The more clean and clear your body is, the better it will function and more easy energy will flow through it and you will achieve more experiences in life.

We don’t have control on most part of our bodies like how we will look, how our teeth will be, how our eyes will be, whether we will have any deformity, what will be the colour and texture of our skin  – whatever form it came to us, it’s a gift to us as we have never planned for it. But, we can only maintain our body – whatever condition it is, we got it for a better living. The quality of your life is also influenced by the quality of maintenance you practice for your body.

Be thankful for your body – You never had control on any part of your body you came with. So, not liking something about your body is just a foolish thing. And not being thankful for whatever physical form you received is a blockage you create in your quality of living. There are people who keep complaining about or expressing dissatisfaction about their bodies. And few people are there who love whatever they have received, appreciate themselves and emerge with confidence. Most of the people reading this are much much more blessed in terms of our physical presence than Nick Vujicic. Click here to find out more about him and see his videos. When I saw him for the first time, I was totally zapped and every time I see him, the feeling is the same. And I am sure, it will change the way you look at your body as well. Everybody has got an ability. But what you will do with that ability depends on your attitude and inner intelligence. Being thankful to your body for allowing you to enjoy and experience your life is the starting point of your Physical well-being. Once you are thankful for your physical being i.e. your body, automatically you start loving your body. When you start loving your body, you start using your body for the purpose it is made of. For example, it is not for inhaling and exhaling smoke, it’s not made to go out of control by consuming alcohol, and so on. You start protecting your body and start stopping all bad habits only when you start loving your body. “Love” can take you to any extent and you can only love others only when you love yourself. And once you love your physical being and be thankful for it, you start transforming yourself to miraculous way from where you are now.

Health and Fitness: It’s obvious when you listen to the terms ‘Stay Healthy’ or ‘Staying Fit’; you imagine a Ribbed Lean Body or Six Pack Abs or The Mass Muscle or something like that. Thanks to the advertisements for that. One way those have increased the awareness of staying fit but at the same point in time, they have changed the way we think about fitness. Health and Fitness, same as in other areas of your life, has a different meaning for different people. The objective of Health and Fitness is important before you plan for any activities. ‘Fitness’ actually means the physical ability to do what you do in personal and professional life every day. That’s exactly what the employers check in a Fitness Test. They don’t check whether you have six pack or not. Rather they check whether you are physically capable of doing the things that are required in a job or not. Your health and fitness objective should be aligned to the works you are doing or will be doing. Whatever you are doing or you are planning to do in life, your physical existence should support you to do so. For some of us, their physical body is of the main factors to accomplish what they want like Sports Person, Models and so on. They need to put a lot of stress on their bodies to perform better and they achieve stiffness as well in their bodies. That’s their professional requirement and it’s absolutely fine. But, for rest of people, where their professional requirement is not such, overstressing the body is probably not needed unless and until it’s a professional requirement (like passion for six pack and so on). You need not be tough on your body. It’s Flexibility what is more required than Stiffness. By the law of nature, our body is at the most flexible state when we are born and our body becomes stiffest when we are dead. Hence, flexibility is something which we should aim for apart from those whose body is a medium of professional commitment or you have a purposeful goal of having a different kind of body. Flexibility can be achieved only by regular exercises. Even if you spend a small time on your fitness activity, that’s absolutely fine. What’s required is the regularity. There are different fitness activities and there are lots of health coaches innovating and designing short fitness activities to achieve effective results for busy people. But those are no shortcuts. They are effective programs but you should be regular to achieve results.  Regularity is the key to achieving any health and fitness goals. Apart from the fitness activities that you do, another important aspect is your kind of lifestyle. What are your food intake, what kind of food you normally eat, Are you Vegan, Veg or Non-Veg, What is your frequency of eating food, what are your habits which you should leave, what are the new habits you should have for a healthy lifestyle and so on? All these answers determine your healthy lifestyle. Today the world is full of information and you can get lots of articles or resources to plan what you should do. Also, there are lots of lifestyle or fitness coaches who can guide you as well. There are lots of ways to improve nowadays. Whatever it is, you should keep in mind that you should never go beyond the natural process and should never rush for rapid results. For example, you accumulated fats since last 6 years and now you are in a diet plan to shed it in the next 6 months. Such rapid results always come with some additional costs apart from the financial costs. These additional costs are known as side effects. Hence, it’s always suggestible to maintain the natural way. It may take some time but it’s worth giving that time to it.

Apart from health coaches, you should regularly get your full body and dental checkups done on a regular basis under medical supervision. We neglect this part thinking we are absolutely fine. But these checkups are not meant to be done when you are not well. When you are not well, you do a diagnosis to understand. Regular full body check-ups can give you alerts and let you know which are the things that you need to improve and some small lifestyle changes can improve your results. It helps you prevent diseases which normally arrive later. The old saying “Prevention is better than Cure” applies today also and will be applicable in future as well. A regular full body and dental check-up will ensure, if there is any deficiency or any area of improvement, you do it immediately rather than not knowing those and let those from a disease. The diseases are never formed overnight. They are formed over a period of time and your blood composition and other check-ups can give you a signal what to work on or improve upon. Just like Air Conditioners, Cars or any other things, you need to maintain your body mechanics on a regular basis.

Hence, to sum up, these are the 6 things that you should practice:

  1. Love your physical presence, 
  2. Stay Thankful for your body, 
  3. Indulge in a Purposeful Fitness Daily Habits, 
  4. Have Healthy Lifestyle Practices, 
  5. Stay with a Clear, Clean and Flexible Body, 
  6. Be vigilant to Your Hygiene Practices and do Regular Checkups 

All those things take care and determine The Physical Phase – Your Body, health and fitness of your life which in turn influences your quality of living.