There are lots of answers to “Who has actually Created you?”  With the word creation, I mean what you are now while reading this. It’s not from where your soul came and all that stuff!!!

It’s what you became.

Is there any difference in what you wanted to become and what you became? Or let me ask you, “Are you fully satisfied with what you became?”

There was a newly built town located a bit far from the main city with no school. After lots of struggle, finally the town managed to collect a hefty amount of money in the form of donation for school from social services groups, organizations who are into corporate social responsibilities, residents and much more such.

In a span of one year, a school is constructed, and the teachers are appointed. The school committee decided to bring the best of teachers so that they produce excellent students.

They kept the fees high and decided to have a small intake of students for a focused approach to developing them. Also, the school decided to start only with the basic nursery and to add one class every year as its infrastructure growth plan. The school did really well and over a period of almost 22 years, they are one of the reputed schools in the country.

The school appointed John as a marketing manager for them.

One fine day John called these 3 marketing executives and planned to implement an Online Alumni Network and for that, he instructed his team to make a year wise data of students who passed out, update their contact details and what they are currently doing. Being an aggressive taskmaster, he instructed that he wants the data in next 7 days.

After 7 days, the data was collated and mailed to John. John was excited to see the data of the first-year alumni as he is sure by this time, they have become what they are supposed to. He selected the data of 15 students who were The First Batch Student of the school and found – 5 of them are happily married with kid and are homemakers, 2 of them are doing their research, 1 is in Police force, 2 are into corporates, 3 of them are in Army serving nation and 2 of them are into business.

The story ends here.

You must be thinking what the sh*t is this? Is this a story? What is the objective of such a shi**y story ? and so on. And that’s exactly what I also felt after reading what I have written: – But still, I thought of posting it as there might be no learning in the story, but I can ask you a small question from this story :

“What you think is the difference that creates what we become? These 15 students are of the same age group, have studied in the same school, under the same teacher, and the same infrastructure. Then why they became different in their life?”

Probably, few thought the best thing they can do is becoming a homemaker and take care of a home. Few people thought, serving the nation can be the best profession for them, few thought contributing to the field of study can be the best for them and so on. Or maybe in some case, they never wanted to be what they became and now they make their situations and conditions the reasons for becoming such.

Is there any difference in what you always wanted to become and what you are now? Can you list down the factors which created this difference?

And when you have listed down, after seeing the factors I am sure you can spot the factors that you need to change to become what you wanted.

You come empty in this world. And you leave empty as well. What you become in between is simply your pre-notions, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions and all those things that you have allowed yourself to become so.

We all are actually self-created.