It was the 6th of November 2018. A lazy Sunday evening when I was chatting with one of my friends who is into online training business. She was updating me about the Market Size of online training and was motivating me as well to start some of that kind.

While exploring the possibility of topics that I should cover, she told excitedly “You must start with Goal Setting now. As year-end is approaching, people go crazy about goal setting.” And then we had discussions on other topics.

Later while having my evening walk, I kept on thinking – Why actually people get crazy on year ends? I could somehow relate this to some earlier days’ incidents of myself and some of my friends when we used to create “New Year Resolutions”.

My best performance was when I started exercising for almost 12 days at a stretch and then back to square one.

I remember one of my friend who had a resolution to stop having alcohol from 1st January 2010 and was partying on 31st of December 2009 dancing and drinking and actually forgot that it was 2 a.m. 1st January 2010 and he is still 2 pegs away from completing the party satisfactorily and I am sure you are confident about what happened to his resolution.

Be Passionate about Life Not on New Year:

Though most of us take New Year as an opportunity to rewrite our story and start planning what we need to change from 1st January. We make a list, write down goals, track what happened last year ( though most of us don’t like that) and so on and finally, we land up with a list of changes we need, habits to practice and passionately wait for the New Year to arrive.

Every New Year, we expect the year to be a great one, probably the greatest one. This is really Good. This gives us an opportunity to see the future with positivity and make a fresh start again.

But the Great one will probably be to consider New Year as a day where the year changes and it never comes back like the dates which give us the opportunity to celebrate Birth Days and Anniversaries.

You and your everything will be unchanged if you just enter the New Year with a new list.

What will change you is your intent to change.

Believe me; change will only occur when you have the intent to change. And intent is the most powerful thing you have. Intent gives birth to mindsets, actions, and strategies. Intent drives you to go the extra mile towards what you want in spite of all odds.

Intent keeps you stay focused on what you want. And believe me, if you have the power of intention, you will never wait for a long list of “To Dos” for a day to come. Rather you will set what you want to do and take action immediately – whatever small it may be.

And what you should do on New Year?

Well, you should bless the last year for keeping you alive for the next year; you should thank each and every incident which made you feel you have failed as it gave you an opportunity to learn further. You should feel happy about each and every small thing you got this year.

And finally, give yourself a break from what you do daily, Bid farewell to the last year and welcome the New Year in your style doing all those things that you love to do without thinking anything else.

And for your resolutions, plans, and all other stuff?

Well, the moment you have the clear intent to achieve what you want, you will start planning, strategize and start taking actions to achieve the same. And that’s the moment you New Year and New Life will start.

It will be just a year which will change even if you don’t want it to. But you can start changing your life the moment you want it to change.