For some, the Law of Attraction is an illusion while the same is a reality for others. What is the reason for this dual perception of the Law of Attraction?

It is just like the Omnipresence of God which some accept and which some deny. The Law of Attraction does not work for those who are more concerned about how they will achieve the goals than how they will connect with the Universe.

Those who connect with the Universe through their inner self are favoured by the Law of Attraction.

If you belong to the second group, I have a few powerful tips to share you.

The following are three of the Law of Attraction tips which you can focus on:

Love the Universe to activate the Law of Attraction

Do not be anxious about ‘when’ and ‘how’ the desired change will take your life to a new high. Too much concern or consciousness does not help.

Life on earth is a micro entity in the Universe. Evidently, you are no one to instruct the Universe about what should be done or not with your life.

What you can do is to feel the vibe of the Universe and get your subconscious self-aligned with it.

Since your surrounding is not excluded from the Universe, do absorb energy from the flow of life around you. You can better practice it by cheering up the pale faces with your smiles, listening to the unheard voices and considering everyone or everything a part of the universal existence.

When you begin to love the Universe this way, the Law of Attraction is activated and set in a direction towards your goals. 

Get close to yourself and feel drawn to the Universe

Many do have no idea of what they want but they are confident of their ability to get it. Sometimes, an idea is stronger than the ability or vice versa.

Suppose, you are blessed with qualities and virtues, but you lack the idea of how to start and what to do exactly in order to achieve your goals.

If the lack of idea overpowers you, you will be at war with your inner self over the troubling thoughts – ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’.

Rather be at peace with the inner self and accept the truth of not having any idea. It is because, if you distance yourself from the inner world, the Universe will distance itself from you.

So, get close to yourself and feel drawn to the Universe.

Know yourself and feel the presence of the creator in you

Being a creator and wishing to create something is not the same. What you dream of at night cannot be true in the broad daylight.

Dreaming or wishing can charge you with creative energy but cannot bless you with the power of creation.

Who is the creator, then? It is the heart and the soul that continuously connect with your surrounding as well as the Universe at the subconscious level. The heart and the soul combined together make the creator in you.

You need to be aware of the creator that is free and boundless like the Universe. That is why it is said, “Know yourself and knowledge of the self is the greatest knowledge in the world”.

 Once you have felt the presence of the creator in you, the Law of Attraction is set at work to your benefit.