There are 4 main Phases or Areas of your life – Your Personal Areas Of your Life, Your Economic Area, The Physical You – which deals with your health and fitness and Your Self Connectivity – The extent to which you are connected to yourself and others. If you go through our journey from race model, you slowly start taking care of all the four areas. Life is dynamic and has lots of phases and areas. And, your quality of life depends a lot on the way you balance between all areas of life. Hence, if you focus and work only on one area, you might be doing great in that area, but, quality of your life might not be that great. Below are the 9 areas of life, which might help you to revisit each of the areas and understand what you are doing and further plan what needs to be done.

1. Intellectual and Personal Growth :

The formal courses that you go through in school or college particularly make you skilled and professional to do something. But, those are not everything. If you are aware of your learning, you will learn from each and everything that you pass through. Learning from people, learning from nature, reading different books, whatever it be, learning always help you become more content. Learning is everywhere. The difference between different people are actually their intent to learn and learning helps you create the pathway to achieve what you want in a better way. And learning cannot be a one-time activity. It’s a daily activity that you should do. Learning gives you a new way to think, a different way to approach and it gives you the opportunity to become new every time. So, you don’t become old by age. You become old by not learning.

2. Experience :

Everything around including us is energy. And what we experience is energy. Our energy plays a vital role in the quality of our life. You are bound to have incidents which cause Stress, Failures, Indecisiveness and so on which might make your energy level low but, the challenge lies in how less tenure you stay at that level. Energy is the fuel which drives your life forward. Just like having quality fuel and timely refilling is must for a well-maintained vehicle, the same way, you should take care of your energy level and energy type. Your energy is purely what you are experiencing. So, if you want to change the energy type you are into, you simply need to change the experience. Relaxation, Fun, Vacation, Travel, Adventure, an activity that you wanted to do and all those stuff might help you improve or change your experience.

3. Environment :

Your personal area is also affected to a great extent by the environment you are into. Here the word environment includes the place you stay, your workplace, the extent of your connection with nature, the quality of people around you and so on. You become a collaboration of all those which surrounds you. If the room you stay or your workplace is cluttered, the people around you are just struggling or in debts, believe they are destined to struggle and fail, you also slowly become a summation of all those. On the other hand, if you stay is a neat and clean place, work in a vibrant place, surrounded by people who accept failures and move strongly i.e. stay positively, your quality of life will be like that only. Hence environment matters a lot if you want to change the quality of your life.

4. Contribution :

You cannot just take. You have to give whatever you take. This is an eternal truth. Even if you don’t give, you are bound to leave whatever you accumulate when you die. When we were forming in our mother’s womb, we had no control over anything. When we are born, it’s a confirmation that we got every resource that was required in our formation. So, we start our formation by taking only. The world is full of resources. Take an example of any resourceful person, you will find they have one thing in common – that’s they contribute. The contribution is a personal responsibility. The entire world is energy and the quality of energy increases with the extent of its free flow. If you keep on receiving and giving, you simply maintain a healthy flow of energy. Contribution makes you powerful. Contribution doesn’t mean just giving money. It’s much beyond that. You can contribute what you love to do. Everywhere you have a scope to contribute. So, whatever you love to do, try to create a meaningful contribution out of that which will help others.

5. Health and Fitness:

Everyone knows the value of a healthy life and fit body. Everyone knows what they need to do to keep themselves healthy and to achieve fitness. The world is full of information but still, people fail to live healthily and stay fit. You may have several reasons for this, but the fact is it’s not a priority. If your physical body gives up, you won’t be able to take care of any area of your life properly. Our body is the instrument of flowing energy. If your physical body is not having that energy, that strength, that hygiene – the quality of life is simply down. Your physical body can ruin everything that you have created or plan to achieve. Also, if you are at the right state of your physical body, you achieve mental strength to overcome all obstacles and move towards achieving what you want to achieve. Your physical body includes how hygienic is your living, your eating pattern, your exercise regime and so on. Everyone’s required fitness level is different and so the fitness goals will be.

6. Net Worth :

Most of us know our earnings or income for a month. Some of us know what exactly their expenses are. And rarely someone can instantly say what their net worth is? Not knowing this actually proves you are not focussed on Networth while that’s the main area to be focused on. We all work hard to earn money, spend most of the time on that and if we don’t focus on our net worth, then we are not justifying our time and energy we spend on earning money. It’s time to focus on your net worth rather than just earning. It’s more scientific way to achieve financial stability and freedom. Your plans should be on real income and net worth rather than just monthly income.

7. Your Business Or Job :

Your business or career plays a vital role while you determine the quality of life. If not us, we come across lots of people who want to do something and does something else. Also, you will find few people, who have been planning for long on what they want to do. We also know few people who are absolutely clear on what they want but are waiting for the right time to come.  I have already mentioned this in the cycles of life where we are stuck. Be it a business or a job, whatever it be, you should do what you like and try to commercialize the same. Whatever you do needs to be meaningful for you and you must love to do that. You spend a large chunk of your time on your Business or Job. Hence, if you don’t love it, the most of your time in life will be spent in frustration. It may not be expressive but for sure it will stay internally which is more dangerous. So, rather than just doing whatever it takes to earn money and adding frustrations, it’s always better to add some more struggling days to your life and start doing what you love and what you find meaningful to do. And believe me, it should be loving and meaningful to you and only you – no one else.

8. Relationships:

Though we have boundaries like home, bedroom and so on, the fact is we all live with each other just like other animals. Relationships are meant to enjoy in this journey of life but sometimes two things take place and we spoil the journey with relationships – Firstly, we call some relationships wrong relationships and secondly, we change the dimension of relationships and make it’s area small. Relationships can decorate your life. It can empower, inspire and support your life. In life, each and every relationship is important. So, it’s important that we give importance to each and every relationship rather than a few chosen. Your life actually expands with relationships. Hence the more you have relationships, more are chances of a great life. Every relationship has a purpose. This purpose sometimes empowers relationships and sometimes destroys as well. So, with every relationship, you should have a clear purpose. Knowing the purpose of the relationship will help you maintain healthy relationships. It will slowly shift your expectation from a particular person to the relationship itself. For example, you may seek love from a relationship. If you know this clearly, you will start seeking love from the relationship rather than an expectation in a relationship from a particular person. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship. Every person has their own journey. So, it’s quite obvious that a person may not be able to fulfill your expectation. Rather than sticking to an expectation list from a particular person, if you simply know the purpose, you will be in a much comfortable position to accept people.

9. Your self-connect, Oneness or Spirituality :

Spirituality is nothing but connecting yourself. We may have different religions, different concepts, different approaches but the fact remains same that you can only achieve oneness by connecting yourself and there are no other alternatives to it. Connecting yourself is the easiest thing you can do. When we are formed and born, that time we have a huge self-connect. But slowly we sometimes lose the self-connect. We become so connected with other relationships, materials, communications that we lose our self-connect. There might be lots of ways to have your self-connect like meditation, prayer, spending time with nature and so on. You can choose anything but you must ensure you do it daily. You are the most important person for you and self-connect can actually strengthen your inner self.

So, whenever you set or review your goals, you should consider the 9 areas of your life and take care of each and every area we discussed. If you deeply study these areas, you will find, everything that you do will broadly come under any of these areas. In fact, if we try to classify these into the four big phases of your life, you will be able to classify them as I am doing below.

The Personal phase of your life – Intellectual / Personal Growth / Your Experience / Environment / Contribution

The Economic Area of your Life – Net Worth / Your Business or Job

Your  Physical Phase – Which deals with your Health and Fitness

Your Self Connectivity – Self Connect or Oneness and Relationships

Though these areas are very much interconnected, still you can easily classify these 9 areas into the 4 main areas or phases of your life. In fact, deep disbalance in these areas create  Mid Life Crisis. Hope you will assess each of the 9 areas of your life and fix which needs to be fixed and move towards a more balanced life.