The Personal Area Of Your Life

Though everything related to you is your personal area, to be more clear, your personal area is the core you. It’s“You” without and beyond any tag of a relationship like you as a Mother or Father or Son or Daughter or any other name. It’s purely related to you and only you. Your personal area reflects and reveals the quality of your living. This answers many questions and gives you a platform to evaluate:

  • What are you doing vs What you always want to do?
  • How do you feel about you and your life vs how you want to feel?
  • What have you experienced vs What more you want to experience?
  • What you learned vs What you want to learn?
  • What you became vs What you wanted to become?
  • Where have you traveled vs where you want to travel?
  • What your values are vs what values you want to have?
  • What have you achieved so far vs what more you want to achieve?

Doing: There are several instances where you are doing something else than what you wanted to do. We make situations and find different reasons to satisfy ourselves but the fact is there is no reason for not doing something you wanted to do till you die. So, if you really at this stage where you wanted to do something and doing something else, it’s time to relook and reevaluate what are the things you wanted to do and if your inner voice says those are worth doing, you should simply jump for it. You should make a list of what you are doing that you are happy about and should continue, what are the things that you are doing that you should stop and what are the things that you want to start doing.

Feeling: Your true feeling about your life comes from the inner picture you create about yourself. Your inner picture mostly in all cases stays with you only and you only know the true picture of yourself what you see about yourself. For all others except you, they only see what you want or choose them to show. That’s how we get lots of adjectives in life like  – Responsible Father, Smart person, Arrogant Partner, Irresponsible Colleague, Self Centred Person, Best Friend, Dependable Partner and much more. What adjectives you get from yourself hardly matters if you compare it with what exactly you see and feel about yourself. And, by no way, other can take this picture out unless and until you permit to take it out. You must concentrate on your inner self and find what exactly your inner picture is and what you want it to be.

Experience: The experience that you had, played a very vital role.  We keep on collecting experiences since birth. Our experiences play a vital role in the decisions we make. Our body grows with time. But our life grows only with experience. Experience helps you know. Experience help you overcome fear. Experience is simply experience – we call it good or bad. But, whatever it be, both are equally needed. You cannot experience whats good for you if you have not experienced bad for you. Whatever you want to achieve, you can only achieve by different experiences. Hence, anything you experienced or are experiencing, you should be open enough to welcome it and accept it. The more you experience, the more you grow your life and the more you get. Experience is the path to make your life great. If you see what your life has, you will find its all the experiences that you have. Travel gives you huge experience, Adventures give you great experiences, Openness to learn from everything gives you a huge power to experience, Taking a break from your regular life suddenly boosts your experience, Doing something in a different way increases your experience and much more. It’s time to make a list of all the major experiences you had and all those which you want to have. It might be some Adventures you want to do, some Places you want to see, some Countries you want to visit, some new thing you wanted to Learn,  some Festivals you want to attend and much more. Whatever you have already experienced and want to experience, all these should come here.

Our body grows with time. But our life grows only with experience.

Learning: The formal courses that you do in school or college particularly makes you skilled and professional to do something. But, those are not everything. If you aware you are about learning, you will learn from each and everything that you pass through. Learning from people, learning from nature, reading different books, whatever it be, learning always help you become more content. Learning is everywhere. The intense of learning varies from person to person and what differentiates those are their awareness of learning. Learning helps you create the pathway to achieve what you want in a better way. And learning cannot be a one-time activity. It’s a daily activity.

In a nutshell, your personal area of life is what you are i.e. what you have become and it’s just a reflection of what you do, how you feel, what you have experienced and what you learned.