I still remember, a few years back I was sitting and chatting with my 5 years old son. I was trying to explain the benefits of brushing our teeth at night and I was explaining ‘how to brush your teeth’. Suddenly, my son told, ” You forgot to open the toothpaste in the steps you mentioned !!!” I laughed out loud but this statement helped me get deeper into the word learning. We sometimes overestimate ourselves and think we know everything about something and forget basic steps. Sometimes we come across resources which can give us immense learning but we tend to neglect that just because we are not aware of it. Here are the five actions which you can take to improve your openness and awareness to learn.

Repetition: Even if you know something, repeating the same will make you more clear. The more you repeat, the more your brain will open up on that topic. Repetition is the mother of all skills. Even if you know something, if you get an opportunity to learn it again, just go for it. Mastery can only be achieved through repetition. The best way to understand it can be by taking the example of any sports person. They keep on practicing the same thing and then achieve mastery. You may know something but repetitions of that bring the mastery out of it.

Accepting your Not Knowing: One of the most powerful statements that can help you become more open to learning is accepting that you don’t know something. You may not know something but that doesn’t mean you will be unable to know. There is no harm in accepting you don’t know something and know it further. The more you become ready to accept that you don’t know, the more open to learning you become.

Diversified Learning from everything and everyone: While books help us learn some concepts, school and colleges help us learn predefined topics but our life gets opportunities beyond those as well. You can learn from everyone and everything around. You can learn from everyone including kids and nature as well. A small example of what I said is – you can learn Assertiveness from a kid and Adaptability from Water. You simply need to be aware of the fact that you need to learn from it and your brain will be programmed to extract the learning and learn.

Learning from Situations: What you call a situation is an incident that occurred. Maybe you have not liked it or you have simply loved it – whatever it be, those are just incidents. Our life experience is nothing but in addition to those incidents. With every situation, there lies learning. If you find out learning from each and every situation, two things will happen – you will learn more and you will control the situation rather than situations controlling you.

Maintaining Daily Learning Journal: You don’t need to buy a journal. A place to write your daily learning is enough to create a learning journal. At day end, you can mentally revisit the way you spent the entire day, the people you met and can find out answers to two questions – What are the possible things you learned today and what you could have done to make it a better day. By answering these two questions, you can collate all the points and fill up the journal daily. This daily practice can really change the way you look at things, make you more aware and it can transform and impact your life with a huge change.

We all know learning is life-long, learning is a journey. We come across lots of beautiful quotes on learning and by reading those, we feel happy. But the fact is knowing and reading those will not help unless and until we take action. And you don’t need a right environment and right time to start learning. If you believe in learning, the first step will be to start learning now.