Journey From Race

Shift yourself from where you are today towards where you actually want to be.

Live Your True Self… 

Journey From Race

Shift yourself from where you are today towards where you actually want to be. Live Your True Self… 

About Journey from Race

Every journey is different. We come alone and go alone. In our journey, we come across different people and situations, create different relationships, undergo different situations, play different roles, take different responsibilities, experience different emotions, have aspirations, fall under desperation, plan a lot, achieved a lot, struggle a lot and so on. But the fact is we all travel from nature and go back to nature. That’s the journey of life. In spite of that sometimes, we start focusing too much on certain phase or some particular things that we lose the essence of this journey and start a Race. And unconsciously, we get into a race to complete life. And this gives birth to jealousy, frustration, dissatisfaction, burnouts, and so on in our lives. And we forget that our lives are just about starting from nature and ending to nature. But the best part is, anytime you can shift from this race to a beautiful journey.

There are lots of factors which define your life as a journey. And, to shift life from a race, you need to look at each of the factors and improve where it’s required. My work on Journey from Race has a specific model, which cover some of the most important elements which you need to take care if you want to shift your life to a beautiful journey from a race. We can divide this entire concept into four big phases :

Phase 1 – Defining Your Journey

defining where you want to go, where you want to reach.

The True Purpose of your life: One of the most important elements that define your entire life is what the true purpose of your life is.?What you actually want? This is absolutely different for different people and it’s only your inner voice which defines what is the true purpose of your life. We all have this inner intelligence to understand what is the true purpose of our lives but, when we become busy in a race, we normally suppress this link to our inner self. And we continue the race where we keep on fulfilling all that is required, take care of all responsibilities, buy what we want and so on. But sometimes, we experience an inner voice which makes you feel you are incomplete. It makes you feel you have not achieved what you should have. You might feel, this is not the way you wanted to live. Accessing your true purpose is very important. It aligns your life towards more satisfaction and makes you complete. Once you have access to your true purpose, you will never need to set goals every new year. You need to review and restrategize your actions habits and change whats needed. That’s all

Phase 2 – Setting Up Journey

 creating a pathway of your journey

This phase deals with all the factors which will help you go further. Once you know where you want to go, it’s important to know how you will reach there. There are three main factors which will help you create a clear pathway of your journey:

Actions: There are several occasions where we know what we need to do and take lots of inspirations from others through interactions, meetings, watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading books and blogs and so on. But, we eliminate the most important thing that’s needed. And, that’s taking action. An action is the most important thing that you can do to move forward. We take actions either out of aspiration or desperation. Without action, nothing will move forward. It’s as simple as that.

Changes: Life itself is dynamic and it’s constantly changing. In fact, you have changed from the time you started reading this page. So, change is inevitable and we all know this. In fact, we have read lots of inspiring thoughts on changes as well. But, we come across lots of situations, where we become resistant to changes that we are experiencing and as a result, we lose time, energy and money due to this. The only way to handle change is by a change. Some changes are easy to adapt and accept and some require proper strategies. Your life gets affected a lot by the way you implement and handle changes

Habits:  Habit is what you are. In fact, you are created by your habits. Its never about the history or the fact about what you did once or what you used to do. It hardly makes any difference today. What builds your future is what you are regularly doing today and what you will be continuing doing tomorrow. For example, think of anyone you admire or anyone who inspires you and do research about his habits and you will find the meaning of what I have written !!! So, if your life needs a makeover, the first thing that you need to review is your habits. And believe me, rest all will fall in place.

Phase 3 – Fuelling up your journey

managing the factors which influence your journey

In this phase, you need to look out for all those things which can affect your journey. Those factors can be either slowing down or can be improving your journey. These factors play an important role and affect the quality of your journey. There are four such factors which normally fuel up your journey.

Communication: Whatever it be, you cannot NOT communicate. We are constantly communicating either with our vocal language or with our reaction and body language with our surroundings. When you communicate, you create an internal picture of yourself. The way you live is influenced by the way you communicate. Just think of an incident where you might not have communicated something clearly or miscommunicated with someone. Now simply recall the situation and see the changes that you immediately experience in your thoughts, feelings and body. Hope you can now clearly understand how communication affects your life. Clear and proper strategic communication helps you live freely and maintain healthy relationships with your surroundings.

Relationships: We all have relationships and we have different names to it. There are some relationships for which we don’t have any name as well. We make some relationships so strong that we forget other relationships. We convert some relationships into responsibilities. We make some relationships compulsion. We continue some relationship due to social pressure and much more. Parent-child, husband-wife, business partner, client vendor, life partner – whatever you name – the main purpose of any relationship is enjoying its sweetness, creating some togetherness and reap mutual benefits. But in this journey, sometimes we become too much inclined towards some particular relationship that we neglect other relationships, or we expect too much and stay dissatisfied in the relationship or we try to maintain relationship out of compulsion and much more. Relationships are actually meant to be enjoyed boundlessly. Our quality of life is deeply influenced by the quality of life we enjoy.

Fitness: Your physical body plays a vital role to convert your life into a journey. If your physical body gives up, you won’t be able to take care of any area of your life properly. Our body is the instrument of flowing energy. If your physical body is not having that energy, that strength, that hygiene – the quality of life is simply down. Your physical body can ruin everything that you have created or plan to achieve. Also, if you are at the right state of your physical body, you achieve mental strength to overcome all obstacles and move towards achieving what you want to achieve. Your physical body includes how hygienic is your living, your eating pattern, your exercise regime and so on.

Finances: Your finances play a vital role in determining the quality of your life. More than just buying stuff, it helps you to experience life. Money is a physical form of energy which represents prosperity. Money plays a vital role in our life. It’s Law Of Nature that you give and receive. Honestly, the way you treat money, you will get the same kind of treatment from Money as well. I came across lots of people who keep complaining about low earning and stay dissatisfied. If you are not one out of them, I am sure, you must have met such people in life. And if you meet them after few years also, you will find most of them are still dissatisfied that time as well. Respect money. It gives you prosperity.You must treat money with love and be thankful for each and every money you earn or receive. Treat money as a power which helps you to sustain and experience this journey of life. Your financial life depends on your spending pattern, savings habit and the extent of your giving or donating.

Emotions: Emotions are always attached to us and you actually cannot avoid that. You are bound to have emotions and you cannot be non-emotional. We sometimes say “don’t be emotional” but the fact is  – we cannot be non-emotional. We always experience emotions. You are experiencing some kind of emotions right now as well. You have to make emotions the most powerful tool to lead a happy life and healthy surroundings. Those who can manage emotions well, live boundlessly, overcome all challenges and enjoy every situation and relationship.

Phase 4 – Building Inner core

experiencing and enjoying the inner journey

Giving: By the law of nature, the practice of giving and receiving starts with our life. See anything around you, it’s giving you something and receiving something. We all come with the power of giving and receiving naturally. The moment we are born, we start receiving oxygen and start giving carbon dioxide. No one has trained us to do so. Its natural and this is a law of nature. But, in spite of that, in most of the cases, when we treat our life as a race, we forget this law and sometimes focus too much on receiving and stop giving as well. This is actually against the law of nature and it will affect us or our surrounding for sure. Giving is not done with an objective of receiving. Giving unblocks the flow of energy. We all are transmitting energies and giving help us clearing the blockages in our energy flow system. Giving creates a power within you.

Thanksgiving: Most of the time we become so aware of what we are not having that we become unaware of what we are actually having. Thankfulness takes care of that and it helps you live a life with gratitude which helps you garner happiness and satisfaction. By Thanksgiving, you take every situation as just an incident and lead a satisfactory life in every situation. If you are not practicing thanksgiving, you are actually missing a huge opportunity to transform your life.

Forgiving: When we forgive others, nothing happens to others. What happens, actually happens to us. Forgiveness neutralizes your energy, helps you release your emotions and also set you free to experience the world. It helps you overcome lots of diseases as well. It’s very important to start practicing forgiveness as your daily ritual. It can drastically change the way you look at your life.

Blessing: We receive from everyone around. Some incidents or people which / whom we might categorize as Bad, helps us experience some tough situations, learn from mistakes and become strong. There is nothing called bad or good in general. When you start practicing blessing, you expand your horizon and fill your journey with Love and Care.

Visualizing: You must have heard, visualize to materialize. To manifest anything, you simply have to visualize. But, that’s not true. Visualization is not a magic. Visualization helps you to garner belief on what you want and it helps you to take more confident actions to achieve those. The beauty of visualization is you can choose to see what you want to. Visualization helps you change habits, overcome challenges, make better decisions and take confident actions.

Meditating: The core objective of meditation is being with self. Meditation is not about chanting some mantra or using some costly app. It’s about being more aware of yourself, staying more connected to yourself, decluttering yourself and accessing the core of you. It’s about staying connected with yourself in spite of disturbances around your surrounding. Meditation is the most simple thing you can do. Though we made it complex the fact is, the more simple meditation we do, the better connection we will generate with our inner self.