“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

Today is the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, I thought of sharing one of his inspirational quotes. So, I opened my collection of inspirational quotes by Rabindranath Tagore and honestly, I was unable to understand which quote to explain. I don’t know why but his each and every thought is so beautiful that it really becomes hard to choose one of them. Whether its emotions, whether it’s revolution, whether it’s prayer, whether its deep sorrow, whether its joy, whether its season – whatever phase of life you consider, you will find something for you in his writings, thoughts, poems or songs.

If not you, I am sure you can immediately name a few people whom you know, who knows what they want, plan how to achieve but have not achieved or moves towards it or repented not achieving what they want. The biggest challenge that stops us from achieving what we want is our lack of taking actions. The above quote is all about taking actions. We don’t take actions to move where we want to go just because we prefer avoiding risks. And though we prefer avoiding risks and in spite of doing what we prefer, we feel frustrated because we are not moving towards where we want to.

Our brain knows clearly what we want to achieve and there are lots of instances or occasions where knowing that also, we are stuck. Honestly, the only way to cross the sea is preparing to sail or swim or doing whatever it takes to cross the sea. But, standing and seeing the water will never let you cross the sea for sure.

When we are born, we are born with the risk of dying and carry this risk whole life but still, we don’t take enough risk in life. When I am talking about risk, I am not talking about jumping from the 15th floor of a building or something like that. What I am referring to is not doing what you want. Not achieving what you want. Not moving towards the direction to achieve what you want. That’s what I mean by saying Avoiding Risks. In normal circumstances, we don’t take risks out of fear and believe me we fear most what we don’t experience and we don’t try to experience out of fear. It’s a simple cycle which keeps on moving and we are stuck in that. But believe me, Fear can be only broken by experiencing it. If you really want to achieve something great, you need to do something great – That’s the first thing. Rest all, be it Your Future Predictions by a renowned astrologer, Blessing from God, Law Of Attraction, Support or anything or everything that might come to your mind – they come later. The first step is to get ready to do something great. Nothing is more than action and nothing can replace action. And to break this, you need to take action. That’s all.

And every moment is the best moment to take action to achieve what you want. Right now, you can start taking action. Whatever small it be, doesn’t matter. What matters is taking action. So, whether you want to change the way you are moving, you want to change the way you look, whether you want to buy something, whatever it be, you can take one small or tiniest of the steps now. Let’s break all boundaries and do it Now. Wishing You all the best on this auspicious day.