To achieve our goals in life, we must stay connected to those goals. Goals are the driving force of our lives and we all know that.

Here are a few facts about Goal Setting:

  • Goals must be motivating
  • Goals need to be Specific Goals
  • Goals need to be Measurable
  • Goals need to be Attainable
  • Goals need to be Realistic
  • Goals need to be Timebound

And that’s exactly how you should set goals.

Sadly, goals are loved and respected the most during the year ends. When all of us review the year and start picturizing a magical transformation for the next year.

But in most of the cases, within a few days, we forget what we have planned as goals and be a part of randomness and then we say, we are not connected to ourselves.

Lots of people say you need to believe in your goals to get it. But, believe me, when you are actually planning to achieve something big, achieve something massive, or achieve something transformational, or achieve something which seems tough, you may fail to believe it and it’s quite natural as our brain says this goal is great but unnatural and tough. So, sometimes you may fail to have faith in your goals.

Also, if we set a time-frame to achieve your Goals as I found in some inspiring stories where people write the date of achieving the same, that may also at times kill your belief on that goal as your mind may ask – “ Can you really achieve this on that date?”, and as a result, your belief in your goals erodes.

And in most of the cases, with such a low level of self-belief, your motivation level slowly gets a dip from where it was when you were setting the goals. I can easily relate it to the story of one of my clients, where she wanted to get back to shape since last 2 years post pregnancy and became more out of shape in those two years.

Last year, she was so motivated that she skipped the party of Christmas eve, bought a new pair of sneakers, got a gym membership, started gymming from 1st of January and then stopped everything from 6th of February onwards.

There must have been at times something like this in your life too, which you can relate to this incident and you might be thinking that my client actually gave up pursuing her goals due to too many hardships!!! In fact, I also thought so if I relate it to one of the incidents I had. These kinds of incidents occur because we give up and we give up because we slowly stop believing in it and it happens for two reasons – 1. Either you are unable to take this massive action as per plan or 2. You initially take massive action, feel the pain and then stop believing that you are going to achieve those goals. But, in both cases, the common factor is “You”.

“The first thing you can do to start achieving your goal is to start achieving it.”

This may sound a little awkward but believe me, my objective to say this is to help you achieve a transformation rather than only giving inspiration. Achieving goals are more about having strategies and actions than anything.

And Strategies and Actions keep your belief flowing. You can set anything as your goal and can achieve it if you keep the belief going. But before you start believing it, the first thing you should have is your self-awareness on your goals. Have faith in the purpose of the goal. It’s not about what you get. It’s about what you become after achieving the goal.

The more you are aware of the purpose of the goal, the clearer will be your belief, your actions, and your strategies to achieve the goal.