What is the goal of human life? Achieving excellence is the answer in brief.

What is Excellence exactly? Or, how can it be defined?

On the surface, excellence can be anything – abstract or concrete, minor or major, small or big, divine or earthly, spiritual or materialistic.

The cause of excellence is the purpose that drives us to achieve excellence. The purpose of life and existence needs to be identified rightly.

What is your purpose of living? Living a king-size life, leading a holistic lifestyle, traveling around the globe, being popular, earning fame, working for the downtrodden, serving the poor, writing a book, or something else?

Is it necessary to have a purpose that is a cause of excellence? Go through the rest to know – is it yes or no.

Cause of excellence or purpose brings fulfillment

Primarily, a purpose adds meaning to life. The purpose or cause of excellence gives rise to your desire to live through honest and right pursuits.

A life of purpose or a purposeful life is fulfilling in all aspects.

Purposelessness or futility of life is often the reason that drives a person to take his own life. The fulfillment that the cause of excellence brings, once it is identified, is simply incomparable.

Purpose fills life with energy and enthusiasm

It is the purpose that fills one’s daily life with enthusiasm. Your purpose in life will make you love life and relive it with passion every time.

If you make efforts to realize and fulfill the purpose of your life daily, your morning will be energetic, a day with being active and the night will be sleepy.

Make the cause of excellence at the base of your existence, and then feel the difference.

Have you ever read Alfred Tennyson’s The Lotus Eaters? This immortal literary piece depicts the drab and dull existence of weary Ulysses and his fellows on the land of lotus eaters when their lives became purposeless after the war.

In order to live your life fully and happily, do make sure to identify the purpose of life or discover the cause of excellence.

Purpose helps identify important things in daily life

You may find yourself caught up with many things – some important and some unimportant. Sort out the real purpose out of those things. Living out one real purpose is many times easier than doing several things simultaneously.

Chasing the cause of excellence is like living a life of freedom with freedom. Take it up as a guiding principle and follow it with single-minded devotion. Think of it in your subconscious inner self that will help you explore the underlying meaning of the purpose of life.

Whether the cause of excellence is an escalating career or a simple life, be committed to the core of your heart.

Purpose brings success through mission accomplishment

Who does not love success? Who does not desire success? Realizing the purpose or cause of excellence is a mission in itself. The success of this mission is the ultimate goal of life.

Having a purpose in life makes your restless and drives you mad to achieve it. And, the achievement is synonymous with success.

An overwhelming desire for success leads you to accomplish the mission that is excellence. It brings life alive as a happy journey.