So, now its time for the 4th cycle among the 4 cycle of life where we are stuck. Hope you have gone through the previous three cycles : 

  1. The Non-Action Fear Cycle 
  2. The Dreams, Interest and Non-Commitment Cycle and 
  3. The Unhappy Vicious cycle of Happiness

And, the 4th cycle that I was talking about was The Cycle of Right Time and Situation. 

The biggest reality of time is you cannot control it and the biggest myth about time is you can actually manage time. 

Whether you want to or not, you will spend time. Hence, each moment you spend time is precious because you will never get back the same. You might spend money in some wrong way and lose it. But, you have the opportunity to earn it back again. But you will never get back the time which you have spent or currently spending. Hence you should be more aware of spending time than spending money. 

There are lots of situations where we wait for the right time. With every moment, you get an opportunity to do something, take some action – whatever small it be, to achieve what you want to achieve. If you go through the history of some people whom you know, you will find in most of the cases, they were not waiting for the right time. Be it the invention of the electric bulb by Thomas Edison or the superb MAC by Steve jobs, be it any famous actor or sports person – whoever it be, if you go through their history, you will find, they were constantly working rather than waiting for the right time. They failed several times, learned and again started doing things in different ways. 

The word “ Right Time” is a fake term as no one knows which time is the right time. We have a pre-notion about time which we name as Right Time. 

If you spend time waiting for right time, you will achieve nothing.

Now coming to situations, just like time, there is nothing called The Right Situation. Right situations never come, rather you create it. If not you, you will come across lots of people who might have lots of dream about the future but they are not taking any action today to achieve those. Rather, they are waiting for the right time and situation to come. And the fact is, the right situation and time never come – you have to create those. 

Every situation and each time, you can do something about what you want to achieve. It may seem tiny but that’s the way it is. We normally don’t do because we don’t believe that. We normally believe all those that we have experienced or someone we know has experienced. 

Sometimes we feel that the right time has come but the situation is not correct and vice versa. Hence to achieve something, to get what you want, the first thing that you should do is to break the right time and right situation cycle and go ahead and take one small step every day. 

If you want a good body, researching where you should train your body can be just a step. It hardly matters what small step or big step you are taking. What matters is whether you are taking steps regularly  – rather than waiting to take a massive action one fine day when that so-called right time and the right situation will come. 

The only way to break this cycle is to take one action every day. Whatever small or big it be and whatever be the intensity of the same, just taking one action every day will ensure you are moving towards achieving what you want. That ideal time and perfect situation which you want can only be created by you. Hence, just go ahead and take one small step every day towards achieving what you want.