So, among the 4 cycles of life where we are stuck, last day I wrote about Cycle 1 – The Non-Action Fear Life Cycle and how to break it. In the said cycle, I have clearly mentioned that the only way to break this cycle is by taking action. But, there are some instances, we start taking action but again we are back to square one!!! Like for example, you took a massive initiative –   Today, I am going to discuss the second cycle which I have named The Dreams, Interest and Non-commitment cycle.

The Dreams, Interest, and Non-Commitment Cycle

Most of Us Have a Dream Bag

Most of us carry a dream bag with ourselves. This is a bag that stays the core of our heart. We keep lots of wishes and wants there – most of which we are unable to fulfill. This bag starts from our early age and it lasts until we survive. There are several instances where you picture yourself as someone who is different from what you are currently. You see yourself as different from what you are now. But, there might be several reasons you are not becoming like that i.e. you are not doing what you wanted to do, you are not living the way you wanted to live, you are not becoming what you wanted to become. Over a period of time, we keep on accumulating different things into this dream bag. And the weight of this dream bag keeps on increasing. The more weight your dream bag is having, the more you are carrying baggage and not living boundless. The lighter the dream bag is, the more light you are living and enjoying freedom.

One of the prime reasons that you carry lots of stuff is the Non-Action Fear Life Cycle that is explained earlier. The next cycle which keeps us stuck and increases the weight of this dream bag is The Dream, Interest and Commitment cycle.

Before we go deeper into this Dream Interest and Commitment Cycle, let me give a very common example. I am sure, if this is not you, you must be knowing someone exactly like that. In fact, I had lots of similarity with that kind of person. That person, who bought Nice Sporting Dress, Got a Good Looking Gym Bag, Has a nice pair of new sneakers, who plans to join a gym and pays for the membership. And, after a few days stop everything. In fact, this is one of the business concerns of the gym owners whom I know. As per my understanding, there is a huge percentage of their gym members, who don’t renew after one month. And the data is interesting. This happens at a higher percentage among those members who are new i.e. 1-3 months old. And, this membership defaulting rate keeps on declining as per the tenure of the members in that gym. In fact, there is hardly any decline in membership amongst those who are more than 2 years old in the gym.

In most of the cases, we all are aware of what we want to achieve, we all know what things will simply make our life a masterpiece and the same is different for different people. But, out of those things, there are several things which we know is important, but we don’t do it. For example, probably everyone knows the benefit of exercise, meditation and right diet but not everyone does that. Even if someone does that, they do not stick to it.

There is a difference between what we are interested in and what we are committed for. When we have interest, we normally do what’s easy and convenient and most importantly, we plan a lot but when we have a commitment, we put everything that it takes to achieve what we want and stick to it till the time we have not achieved that. In most of the cases, even after knowing what we want, we are not committed and keep all those stuff at interest level – not at a commitment level. Also, even if we are committed, we stay committed for a few moments and then again, we shift away from it. And, as a matter of fact, that’s not at all commitment.

The journey from taking things out of our dream bag and achieve passes through two stages. The first stage, where we are interested and do research and plan how to achieve the same and take some actions. And, the second stage, where you keep taking action and stay committed until you achieve those.

The main reason for not staying committed is we are probably not ready to pay the price for it. And when we are not being able to accept the fact that we are not ready to pay the price for it, we give birth to reasons to satisfy ourselves.

Just like the above example of a person which I gave, this cycle of Dreams Interest and Non Commitment can be very commonly seen where Someone wish to have a Great Body, Sees different ways to achieve those, grabs lots of related information and then starts a program and stick to it for few days and then again that person is out of the program. Again after some days, that person plans to achieve it in a different way and again sticks to another program and again get out of it after few days.

In the case of smokers, who plan to quit smoking, normally people are out of the commitment within a few hours.

So, this cycle of Dreams Interest and Non-Commitment is where we are unable to stick and get stuck.

The only way to to get out of this cycle is to stay committed. Staying committed is hard and challenging by nature. But, believe me, you can take any hardship or challenge the moment you realize the reward for doing so is big enough or the reward is worth that hardship.

So, realignment of reward – this can really do wonders and it will make you stick to what it takes to achieve what you want.  Believe me, you are walking today because you constantly tried to walk and never gave up trying to do so when you were crawling. And most of those that you are planning or will be planning to do is much easier than walking as in case of walking, you changed and conditioned your intentions, your organ and body loco-dynamics.

It’s time to start decluttering your dream bag and live light.