Life is a beautiful and adventurous journey as well. We come across different phases, we travel through different situations, sometimes we land in some circumstances which we have probably never thought of also, we lose relationships, we gain relationships, sometimes we are down and sometimes we are at our peak, sometimes we are very happy and sometimes we are in deep sorrow, sometimes expectations fulfilled and sometimes not, sometimes some unexpected things happen and we are full of joy and sometimes we don’t know what to do because something happened which we have not expected at all. So, life is dynamic and adventurous as well. More adventurous about life is, we don’t know when it will end. Life starts with a breath, ends with a breath and continues with breath. And more adventurous is in spite of this, you cannot rely on your breath as you don’t know when it will leave you.

We all know this but still, sometimes, we get deviated from we wanted to achieve and in some cases, what you achieved or strive to achieve might seem meaningless when you realize the above that I have written about life.

There are Four Common Cycles which we generally keep on going through and as a result, we are stuck!!! And if these cycles continue, we find ourselves far away from what we wanted to what we are doing now. In this blog, we will describe the first cycle, which is The Non-Action Fear Cycle.

The Non-Action Fear Cycle

Honestly, when we are born, we are born with the risk of dying and carry this risk whole life but still, we don’t take enough risk in life. When I am talking about risk, I am not talking about jumping from the 15thfloor of a building or something like that. What I am referring to is not doing what you want. Not achieving what you want. Not moving towards the direction to achieve what you want. That’s what I mean by saying Avoiding Risks. In normal circumstances, we don’t take risks out of fear and believe me, we fear most what we don’t experience and we don’t try to experience those out of fear.

Getting Passionate – Planning to take Action – Fear of Failure – Generation of Fear – Stop / Avoid Taking Action – Getting Passionate

It’s a simple cycle which keeps on moving and we are stuck in that. But believe me, Fear can be only broke by experiencing it. If you really want to achieve something great, you need to do something great – That’s the first thing. Rest all, be it Your Future Predictions by a renowned astrologer, Blessing from God, Law Of Attraction, Support or anything or everything that might come to your mind – they come later. The first step is to get ready to do something great. Nothing is more than action and nothing can replace action. And to break this, the only thing what you need to take action. That’s all.

Stay tuned for the Rest 3 Cycles which keeps us stuck !!!