Add Clarity To Your Goals…

While coaching, I come across lots of people who have something in mind and do other thing. We keep on thinking what lies in our mind but continue doing the other thing. Life goes on and finally we come to a conclusion “I am in a wrong job” or “I earned everything but not satisfaction”. Even sometimes we tend to shift our goals to our next generation – “My son / daughter will do it…”

Actually this continues till the last day of our life. We die many a times before our death. We may live… but can’t lead the way we wish, live life to the fullest.  One of the most important factors while doing Goal Setting is clarity on Goals. We have too many wishes but have too less clarity to convert them to reality.

It’s very important to have proper information on goals. Referring to the presuppositions of NLP,” the world is full of information” or Apple “Information is Power”. It will help us knowing our goals. Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound – The Smart Way. Getting information, the best way is through questioning skills.

Below is a small exercise to understand clarity on goals: –

1. In a piece of paper, write your one goal.
2. Write how you will understand when the goal is achieved. (Ex: When I will see bank balance of….)
3. Write when you want to achieve it? (On date …/../…. or after 2 years. 3 years and so on).
4. Next, ask yourself, whether the timeline given is achievable?
5. Next, divide the time left to gaols in 3 to 4 intervals.
6. Now, divide your goals in each intervals (Chunk your goals into small goals)
7. Now, decide what needs to be done today, tomorrow and day after and so on to achieve the goal.
8. Try to locate people who have already achieved the goal and try to get information about it.
Just by doing these, see how much clarity on goals we got. We have all information and resources to achieve what we want… What we need is proper ways to receive the….
Wishing Success…


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