3 Phases Where Happiness Don’t Work For You

We all will agree happiness is the something which everyone loves. Happiness gives birth to Fulfillment, Motivation, Better Relationships, Good Health and much more. That’s why people search for happiness desperately and stick to the vicious cycle of Desire and Happiness. But sometimes, we get some negative effect on happiness and positive thinking as well.

Happiness when you fail:  Think of a business for which you gave you some critical years to built failed. Whatever reason it is. But it failed. Think of something you did and you lost money. Or any other situation with that kind of impact !!! And in such situations you are happy. That’s never good. If you start staying happy when you fail to perform or fail to achieve what you want, that’s one insanely mistake you will do. Because, dissatisfaction, the pain of failures and another such kind of emotions give birth to a pressure of breaking everything and performing. You may be thankful for every situation as you get lots of learning, you may think positive that you will recover from this failure, you may strategize further a great recovery plan but stay happy? Staying happy in this case is a type of criminal offense where the victim is you only.

Happiness when you are actually not: Sometimes, we know that the situations are not good and it’s alarming. Staying happy that time will surely be a confusing thing. Your brain may know that you are not happy and its time to get serious, put your entire energy into getting out of the situation immediately but you are still pressurizing yourself and doing self-talk to be happy. But the fact is, you may pretend to be happy but your brain creates utter confusion and you lose focus on what you were supposed to do. This confusion will normally put you in the deeper problem than where you currently are.

Your misconception about Positive Thinking: Sometimes, you may have a misconception about positive thinking. Positive thinking is not about jumping with joy and happiness. We need positive thinking most when we are in a negative phase. And when you are strategizing and taking actions to take yourself out of any negative situation, at that time, the more emotionally composed you are more are your chances of striking the right chord rather than roaming around and enjoying unnecessary to find joy and happiness. “Fake it to make it” – this concept might work but Right Strategy, Unstoppable Actions and Emotional Composed – these will surely work.

It’s important to stay positive in every situation but staying happy unnecessarily may not be the right way to achieve what you want. Negative things, negative situations, expectation mismatch  – they are bound to come. That’s part of life, the rule of the game. You should feel the pain of all those and take the pressure and grow further. After all, its law of nature that creation happens out of pressure and you and me are not exceptions.