Self Improvement = Resources + Intent + Regularity

Self Improvement – is a word which is a reality for those who admit “ I have improved a lot”, a process for those who say “I am improving daily” and a dream for lots of people who say “ Its my dream to improve on this.” Honestly, Self improvement is something which each one of us think at least once in a day. There are lots of factors which yields improvement but following are the three main ingredients for improvement:

  1. Resource – You need resource to improve. Resources can be of any form. It can be Book, News, Information, Awareness, Suggestions, Feedbacks, and so on. Quality and Quantity of resources- both are important and if you dig into more details, it’s the quality and quantity of resources which created you what you are. And, the best part is, the world is full of resources and you simply need to be resourceful to avail those. To get hold of right resources, you need to define two things very clearly – What are the new things i need to learn to be what i want to and then you need to conduct a small research of all the places from where you can get the same.
  2. Intent – In many cases, you will find that we have all the resources but still we are not improving and that is known as underutilisation of those resources. It happens when you don’t shift your wishes to your intents. The only thing which can shift a Wish to an Intent is an Action. Whatever be the size of the action, an action is a must. So, if you have wish to improve anything you want, take a small action to do it. Whatever small it be, an action will surely transform the wishes to intent.
  3. Regularity – And now the most important thing is regularity. Regularity is very important. One of the biggest blocks which may stop you to achieve regularity is – searching Perfection. you may spend a lot of time finding a perfect combination of time, place, energy, mood, actions, conditions and so on to achieve regularity and in way to such search, you loose regularity. Whereas, the fact is, you can create the perfect time, place, energy, mood, actions, conditions etc just by being regular. In fact, a same thing practiced regularly creates Mastery. Regular small steps is always better than a one time giant leap as with regular small steps you practice walking more and more and more and practicing is the only way to Mastery.

Hence as a derivation of The Self Improvement Formula can be – If you access resources and implement that on a regular basis, you can improve. Improvement is the first step to grow from where you are now. So, it’s time to get your actions into place and start improving.

Self Improvement = Resources + Intent + Regularity


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